Facts About Duct Cleaning

duct cleaningIf a doctor told you there was something you needed to do in order to improve the function of your body, nine times out of ten you would probably do it.  Obviously, there are some people out there who would ignore the doc’s advice and continue living the way they had been.  So, why is your house any different?  If there was something you could do to improve the function and health of your house, wouldn’t you want to do it?  Check out some facts about duct cleaning.

When your air conditioning system is installed, it is connected to your indoor unit by an intricate system of ducts.  Over time, these ducts get bogged down with dirt, dust, hair, and skin cells.  Gross, right?  Well, it isn’t only unpleasant to think about, it can also disturb the function of your heating and air conditioning system.  However, there’s no need to worry as your ducts are able to be cleaned with little effort on your part.  Here are the facts about what duct cleaning can do for your system.

  • Improve the Air You’re Breathing – If you’re an allergy sufferer, you understand the struggle of this time of year. Going outdoors is like a steady assault on your sinuses, so you shouldn’t have to suffer indoors.  However, many allergy sufferers don’t get their desired level of relief inside their homes either.  This could be a result of dirty ducts.  Having your ducts cleaned professionally can dramatically improve the air you’re breathing.
  • Save Money – When up to forty percent of your home’s energy budget is spent on heating and cooling, it is important that your system is running efficiently. The gunk in your ducts can shorten the life of your system, and also make it run poorly as it is constantly being recirculated.  When a system isn’t working right, it has to work HARDER, thus costing you more.  Clean ducts cost less.
  • Odor Prevention – If you’re a pet owner, you are well aware of the potential for pet odors in your home. Sometimes animals don’t smell the best and when your ductwork is recirculating their hair, it’s also rechurning bad smells.  Couple your pets with your family members and you may be noticing a slight odor.  Duct cleaning removes the contaminants from your system, and in turn can remove the odor associated with them.

If your house isn’t running the way you want it to, contact us to learn more about duct cleaning today.


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New Line of Dielectric Coolants Launched

Engineered Fluids announces the commercial release of its CoolFluids line of high performance dielectric cooling fluids. Designed specifically for single phase, direct immersion cooling of electrical devices, CoolFluids are biodegradable, non-toxic, synthetic dielectric coolants with more than 1800x the cooling […]

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Air Conditioning Issues

air conditioningImagine this scenario…you’re sitting at home on a lovely summer day, enjoying your air conditioning.  Next thing you know, however, things start to get a little less comfortable inside your home.  The temperature outside is climbing and so is the temperature inside the house.  By the time the sun is at its peak, your home is boiling hot.  What went wrong?  Here are some of the most common air conditioning issues we face in the summer.

  1. Capacitor Issues – If your air conditioner is going through the motions, making all of the noises it is supposed to make, but not producing air, it may be time to check the fan on the outdoor unit. Is it spinning?  If not, you may have a blown capacitor.  There is actually a pretty simple way to check for this issue.  If you know where the capacitor is located, take a quick look at it.  If the top is no longer flat, then the capacitor has failed.  Contact your HVAC service person for a quick repair.
  2. Unit Freezing – This could be any number of things, but one of the simplest fixes often comes by replacing your filter. A dirty filter can cause your AC unit to freeze.  It is important that you don’t continue to allow it to freeze up, as it can seriously damage the unit.  Turn the air conditioning off and allow the fan to run for a quick defrost.  Replace the filter and complete the defrosting process and then turn your unit back on.  If the freezing continues, you’ll want to consult a professional, as more serious issues may exist.
  3. Leaking Unit – If you’re noticing pooling water on the floor surrounding your air handler, there is usually some cause for concern. It’s not normal for the unit to leak and usually indicates a problem with the drain pipes.  While this is a problem many people can solve themselves, it is better remedied by your HVAC professional.  They have the equipment to clean out the drain pipes. 

There is little than can be considered more unpleasant that a sweltering day without air conditioning, but don’t sweat it!  We can help you with your air conditioning issues.  Contact us today

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Simulation Driven Design Optimization for Reduction of Temperature on a High Current Density PCB

The market demand for lightweight and cost effective electronic products with multi-functional operations leads to the introduction of plastic housing and high current density on board. In general, automotive electronic products operate in harsh environment. With high current demand, Joule […]

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Simulate electronics cooling strategies to design products more effectively

Sponsored by ANSYS Determine the Thermal Signature of an Electronic System As electronic devices become smaller, denser and faster, the structural and thermal integrity of their electronic packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs) becomes more critical. Heat affects the performance and […]

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Summer Preparation Checklist

Summer preparationIt’s coming.  The date is fast approaching.  June 21st is the official start of summer, and although we haven’t really been feeling the heat just yet, it’s only a matter of time.  There are certain household tasks that go along with preparing for summer’s arrival like pulling the grill out of the garage, servicing the lawnmower, and ensuring that the porch furniture is ready for company.  However, there is a summer preparation checklist for your HVAC system, too!

  1. Clean Up – The weather has been wishy washy, so far, this year and has produced quite a bit of wind. Due to our lackluster spring, you’re probably noticing a lot of twigs and sticks all over the yard.  Well, if they’re in the grass then chances are they’ve also made their way to the HVAC unit.  Check under the unit, the top, and give it a cursory look inside to ensure that nothing is stuck in the blades.
  2. Filters – Replace the filters, especially after spring. There is likely a ton of pollen and air irritants clinging to the old one.
  3. Window Units – If you don’t have central air and are using window units, now is a great time to get them into the windows. Make sure they are unobstructed and properly seated in the window for maximum functioning and efficiency.  Seal around the unit to ensure that rain water isn’t going to come inside your home.
  4. Ceiling Fans – Many people use ceiling fans as their backup system for their air conditioning. They’re a great way to cool off the room and provide a light comforting breeze.  Now is the time to clean off the blades and make sure that the blades are set to move counter-clockwise, thus pushing the air down.
  5. Duct Cleaning – Spring is a rough season for the home. There are a multitude of pesticides, pollutants, and pollen that can make their way into the house and hang out in the air ducts.  Duct cleaning is a good way to combat these issues, and can increase the comfort level of your house as the system will function more efficiently.

If you’re in the market for a central air system or duct cleaning, we can help.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your home’s air conditioning needs.

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New Super-Sensitive Temperature Sensor Accurate to +/-1.5°C

Omron Electronic Components has extended its non-contact MEMS thermal sensor range with a new narrow-field version specifically designed to provide accurate non-contact measurements of an objects’ surface temperature for industrial control, medical and building automation systems. The Omron D6T-1A-02 is […]

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