Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid Water HeaterWith spring in full force here in the midstate, many homeowners are bringing in the new and getting rid of the old.  With spring cleaning, we mop, sweep, and dust away all of the evidence of winter as we welcome the new season.  Spring is also a perfect time to have your old appliances serviced or even upgraded.  If you’ve been flushing your old water heater for years, we encourage you to consider replacing it with a hybrid water heater.

When considering a new water heater, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each type that is available.  Hybrid water heaters, or heat pump water heaters are becoming more and more popular as there are several advantages.

  • They’re Less Costly – On average, a regular electric water heater can cost almost six hundred dollars a year to run. A hybrid costs less than two hundred dollars, around $163!  When factoring this cost into your monthly budget, that is a substantial savings!
  • They’re More Energy Efficient – With lower cost, of course, comes better efficiency, which means that they use a lot less energy to operate. Of course, this translates to lower bills as we stressed above, but it also means they’re much less taxing on the environment as well as being less stressful to your budget.
  • They Work Differently – With a standard electric water heater, energy is not stored, thus accounting for the cost difference. With a hybrid, the energy is stored and therefore doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the water efficiently.
  • Rebates – Depending on your energy supplier, you may qualify for significant rebates for installing one of these water heaters. The power companies are encouraging their customers to consider more energy friendly appliances and therefore offer a rebate of up to $400.

If you’re interested in switching things up and making your home function a little bit more efficiently, contact us

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