Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Awareness

carbon monoxide poisoningThe temperatures have certainly been a bit of spring teaser lately, haven’t they?  Although we’ve been experiencing weather that is akin to springtime in Pennsylvania, the winter isn’t over just yet and people are still needing to turn their heat on to get through the cold winter nights.  Gas heat is still one of the most popular choices for heating in the Northeast, so we want to stress the importance of carbon monoxide poisoning awareness.

Carbon monoxide, not to be too dramatic, can be silent but deadly, as it is not only colorless, but odorless as well.   There are a lot of health issues that have been attributed to carbon monoxide poising, so you should be aware of the signs and symptoms that could be indicative of a problem with the furnace in your home, and how to rectify this potential issue.

CO2 poisoning effects the body’s ability to oxygenate the blood, and is fatal when inhaled.  The impact of this particular type of poisoning can come about after short term exposure, but is more severe when one has been consistently exposed during a long period of time. 

Symptoms of this problem can include a wide spectrum of issues that may impact your health.  These symptoms include a dull headache, weakness, dizziness, or shortness of breath.  The true danger of this type of poisoning can be especially dangerous in the winter, as they mimic many signs of the common cold, sinus infections, or even the flu.  Other signs to look for are nausea or vomiting, confusion, blurred vision, and in the most extreme cases, loss of consciousness. 

So you’re likely asking yourself how to detect this issue if you’re using a gas or oil furnace to heat your home during the brisk days of winter.  Every family using any of the aforementioned types of heat should take the proper precautions by installing a carbon monoxide detection system.  You should also have your furnaces heat exchangers tested or inspected by a qualified professional one a year. More often than not, these systems can be purchased with very little expenditure, and they can save the lives of you and your family.

We specialize in many different types of heating systems, and we’re willing and able to help with any issue you may be experiencing.  If you’re having a problem with your furnace, contact us!

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