Win A Humidifier For Your Home

low humidityIn past blogs, we’ve discussed the impact that low humidity can have on your life.  Not only can it damage the internal structure of your home, including your wood furniture and cabinets, but it can also be hazardous to your health to live in a home with low humidity.  If you’re one of the many people suffering from these issues, keep reading to find out how you may be the lucky homeowner to win a humidifier for your home, compliments of A.C. Rimmer.

Are you experiencing dry skin, damaged hair, sinus issues, or respiratory problems?  All of these things could be a result of low humidity in your house.  Most homeowners are willing to ignore these issues, as they believe they may be the result of winter weather, but in many cases, they are not.

Is your wood furniture a little bit less solid that it used to be?  Are your cabinets or wood floors cracking and separating?  These issues can also come from maladjusted humidity levels in your home, and should be remedied quite quickly, as other parts of the internal structure of your home are also at risk. 

We want to help!  For one lucky homeowner, we’re offering a simple contest via Facebook.  Here’s how it works: tell us the story via private message or Facebook post how low humidity levels are affecting your home.  Include in your post or message a photo of your furnace so we can tell what type of humidifier we will be installing if you’re chosen, and please include the square footage of your home. 

Enter to win now through February 25th. At the end of the contest, one winner will be chosen, at random.  Included with the humidifier system is the installation cost.  There are no hidden charges involved with this contest!  Please be sure to check out our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

If you’re not selected as the winner, contact us for an estimate for installation!

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