Handling Holiday Guests Without Breaking the Bank

holiday guestsWith the holiday season rapidly approaching, budgetary concerns are on everyone’s minds, but at the same time we want to be able to enjoy the holidays as well.  For many people, the enjoyment of the season comes from the company of family and friends.  However, this company can cause skyrocketing heating, water, and other costs, but here are some tips and tricks for handling holiday guests without breaking the bank.

  1. Lower the Thermostat – With a bunch of people staying in the house, chances are that body heat with cause a more comfortable ambient temperature in the room. With the added heat, you can adjust the thermostat in your home to a lower temperature.  If you’re having overnight guests, make sure you have plenty of blankets ready for those who may run a little bit cooler than others.
  2. Time the Showers – Having houseguests means having multiple people bathing, and this can account for higher than normal water bills. Rising costs are inevitable when you’re adding people to the house, but you can dial it back quite a bit by setting a time limit for showers.  It may not be a very popular decision, but it is what is necessary to keep your bills from breaking the bank.
  3. Full Loads Only – Houseguests mean more dishes, more dirty laundry, and basically more everything. To keep the costs down, only run the dishwasher and laundry facilities when they have full loads in them.  Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money. 
  4. Multiple Dishes – The best part of holiday get-togethers is the food, but many people mismanage their time and efficiency in the kitchen when it comes to holiday cooking. The best way to maximize the energy usage in your home is to cook several dishes in the oven at one time, or use devices like crock pots, toaster ovens, etc. for cooking.
  5. Fire it Up – If you’ve got a fireplace, there’s no better time to utilize it than when you have guests. It provides a beautiful ambiance, and also serves the purpose of warming the home.  With this added warmth, homeowners should be able to dial back the thermostat even more, thus saving money.

If your heating system requires service, or if you’re in the market for something bigger and better, contact us today!


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