Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

furnaceThe meteorologists on the news are warning the people of Central Pennsylvania of the forthcoming colder temperatures.  We’ve felt the bite in the air in the mornings as we trudge to our cars, accepting the fate of slipping into a freezing seat and having to wait for the windows to defrost before we leave for work.  We know what we have to do to get our cars ready for the winter weather, but as homeowners, we also need to know about getting our furnaces ready for winter’s approach.

  • Schedule a Visit – Your furnace should be checked periodically so that it is allowed to operate at maximum capacity. Call a professional to schedule winter maintenance before the season actually begins.
  • Replace the Filters – The approach of winter is the perfect time to replace your filter in your HVAC unit. You want to make sure that all of the fall allergens aren’t clogging up the system, as your heater will struggle to operate effectively.
  • Fix Any Issues – If you experienced issues last winter with achieving your optimal temperature, don’t wait any longer to schedule service on your furnace. Allowing the issue to continue unchecked could cost the health of not only your furnace, but also your family should you lose heat.  Call and schedule an appointment to have your furnace checked out before the temperatures really start dropping.
  • Clear the Vents – If you’ve had furniture blocking the vents in your home, now is the time to move it. Many homeowners feel forced to keep upping the temperature on the thermostat to maintain the most comfortable conditions, but often there is furniture or other items blocking the vents making it feel cooler in the room than it is. 

If you’re interested in scheduling maintenance, or you’re in need of a new furnace, contact us today!

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