Replacing Your Heating System

heating systemIt’s getting chillier around the mid-state, especially at night, but many homeowners are reluctant to switch their heating systems on for the year.  For many of these people, the decision to turn on the heat for the chillier months weighs heavily because of the cost associated with doing so.  If your heating system is older, chances are it is less efficient than it should be.  It may be time to consider replacing your heating system, and here’s what you need to know.

The replacement of your HVAC and air conditioning system is never an easy one, as it can be a rather expensive purchase.  However, in the long run, it may prove to be less expensive than you think, especially if you’re able to qualify for some sort of financing program to offset some of the initial costs.   There are some things to consider, although, before making a major purchase such as this.

  • Necessity – Do you really need a new unit, or does yours simply need to be serviced by a professional? If you’re unclear as to which of these options is best, consult with your local HVAC company and schedule an appointment to have your system looked at.  If it’s something as simple as cleaning and maintenance, you do not want to incur the cost of a whole new system.
  • Cost – Sure, an entirely new system is an investment, a sizable one. However, it could be considered an investment in your family, the value of your home, and your budget.  Older systems require a lot more energy to operate, adding up to hefty electric bills during the winter months.  They also don’t operate as well, and force families to turn up the heat to higher degrees, without the added benefit of comfortable temperatures inside your home.
  • Type – If you don’t have a central air system in your home, maybe now is the time to install one. Schedule something with your local HVAC company to determine the cost of dropping the necessary equipment into your home to have your family enjoying the comfort of central air in the upcoming summer months.  If you do have a central air/heat pump system in your home, already, consider a different style, brand, or type to satisfy your family’s heating and air conditioning needs.

For any of these questions, call us to schedule a consultation.  We can work on making your family comfortable when the lowest temperatures of winter hit the area!  We also are offering 0% financing on select units for a limited time, so call today!

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