First Thermoelectric Air Conditioner with Universal Input

A unique feature is included in TECA’s newest enclosure cooler series.

The AHP-2259 Series of thermoelectric air conditioners will automatically accept 90 to 264 VRMS input. There are no adjustments to be made by the end user, the AHP-2259 coolers have a universal input power supply. This allows for increased versatility of use. The coolers can meet a wide range of input voltages making them suitable for worldwide operation.

TECA offers high-capacity versions for more cooling and high-efficiency versions for more power saving. Either includes an energy saving ECO-Mode temperature control feature for passive cooling during lower demand times. Cooling capacity is 1300-1800 BTU/hr depending on configuration. Heat/Cool or Cool-only configurations are available. End users can specify NEMA-12, NEMA-4 or NEMA-4X as well as temperature control options.


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