The Importance of Duct Cleaning

duct cleaningIn Pennsylvania, we have two serious allergy seasons. The first is, of course, the spring. The new growth outside allows for an influx of pollen to invade our homes. The second, less obviously, is the fall. When the leaves start to turn, the weather gets damp and allergens start to make their way into our homes again. It is during these seasons that homeowners should consider the importance of duct cleaning.
While beautiful, the fall season wreaks havoc on our sinuses and leaves us stuffed up and miserable, even in the comfort of our own homes. But why? Well, the simple reason is because central air conditioning systems contain a complex system of duct work, and that duct work gets rather dirty with a buildup of household allergens.
So, what’s in those ducts?
• Dead Skin Cells – That’s right, all of the skin that sloughs off during the course of a day ends up back in your duct work.
• Dust – All that dust that swirls around your house has to go somewhere, and back into the vents is where it ends up.
• Dust Mites – Most people don’t realize the amount of dust mites that are found in their environment, but it’s pretty astounding. There can be up to 40,000 in every single piece of dust.
• Smoke – Cigarette smoke can cling in the air and its toxins are cancer causing, even when exposed to your ducts, the carcinogens are still being exposed to you and your family’s air supply.
• Pesticides – External pesticides are nasty enough that people are buying produce that is certified to not use them, but they’re also quite stubborn. When they are used, whether on the grass in our neighborhoods or even miles away on the local farm, they make their way into our homes and infest the air we’re breathing.
• Dander – Even if you’re taking preventative measures with your pets, such as frequent vacuuming, regular baths for the critters, and anti-allergen filters, pet dander tends to hang in the air and end up in the duct work, thus increasing the amount of harsh allergens in the air.
All of these problems, and more, can be eliminated with our professional duct cleaning service. Check out our website for more information.

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