Preparing Your Furnace For Fall

furnaceThere has been a noticeable drop in the temperatures in the mid-state lately, and September 22 is right around the corner.  This means only one thing to those of who wait for the whole year to see the signals of its arrival again; autumn weather.  While we’re preparing to enjoy the beauty of nature, we also have to prepare our homes for the season. Here are some simple tips and tricks to make sure your furnace operates at maximum capacity:

  1. Replace your filters – There is nothing that will make your furnace operate more efficiently than replacing the removable filter. For a small amount of money, you will be ridding your heating system of pet dander, outside allergens, and dust mites. By replacing your filter in the fall, you will be improving your overall air quality and heating efficiency.
  2. Clean the outside unit – By ensuring that any and all outdoor debris is removed from the top, sides, and underneath the outdoor unit, you’re guaranteeing better functioning heat for the colder months to come.
  3. Duct cleaning – While it’s not something that has to be done as often as filter replacement, duct cleaning is recommending to rid your home of the things that may affect your air quality that you can’t see. Duct cleaning is a service that is performed by a professional, but can improve the quality of life in your home, especially those with breathing issues or seasonal allergies.
  4. Schedule a service appointment – Contact your local HVAC provider. The technician will come to your home and ensure that the internal system for your heating is working at maximum efficiency and there are no problems that aren’t detectable to the untrained eye.
  5. Consider replacement – If your furnace has been limping along for the past couple of years, it may be time to consider the replacement of the entire unit. While the investment may be sizable up front, replacing the furnace with something more efficient may save money in the long run.

To have your furnace inspected before fall, check out our heating services or contact us today!


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