geothermalCertainly, there are many options for cooling and heating your home; there are gas furnaces, heat pumps, solar energy, and geothermal. If you’re looking for a solution that is economical and earth friendly, geothermal is the way to go for home heating, as it has incredibly low emissions of greenhouse gases and the extraction process is harmless to the environment.
However, geothermal is also one of the least used forms of energy in the United States at this time. As of right now, there are only forty geothermal plants in this country, but it is estimated that there could be as much as 10% energy production from geothermal plants by 2050. Countries in Europe and Asia are using these plants to produce as much as 30% of their electricity, which is an impressive statistic given the newfound popularity of this type of energy.
If you’re wary about the usage of geothermal energy in your home, here is what you need to know about geothermal heating:
• It’s Ancient – Geothermal is relatively new in the U.S., but it’s existence has been dated back to the 3rd century BC in China where it was found in the form of a hot spring. Italy began using geothermal energy for heating purposes in 1904, where it was used for bathing, cooking, and home heating.
• Hug the World – The word geothermal itself is derived from the Greek words meaning earth and heat. This type of heat source is extremely eco-friendly, as it produces nearly no harmful gases and the impact to the environment is next to nothing. The drilling for geothermal heating is low in comparison to other types of energy and it is completely renewable, as it comes directly from the heat the Earth naturally provides.
• It’s Independent – Geothermal energy isn’t dependent on the sun, like solar energy, so there is no worry when an overcast day comes along.
• It Does Both – Geothermal is not only for heating your home. It can also be used for cooling as the system will pull the heat from your house and redeposit it into the Earth. This type of system is reliable for providing comfortable temperatures inside your home, at all times.
• It’s Economical – While the initial investment may be pricier than other systems, the costs associated with running your geothermal system will be much less. You won’t be paying hefty gas or oil costs, and the energy pump will actually cut your energy costs by up to 40%.
• Tax Cuts – Through the end of this year, there are several hefty tax incentives for making the switch to geothermal heating and cooling.
If you’re interested in getting on the right track with geothermal energy, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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