Electric Cars Will Not Meet the Same Fate as HoverBoards’ Overheated Batteries

(July 11, 2016) Where electric cars and hoverboards both use lithium-ion cells, electric cars will have a more diligent manufacturing process and thus more heat control.

According to blog CarAndDriver.com, “Automotive-grade cells are very, very different [from the cheaply made hoverboards’]: meticulously manufactured, precisely temperature-controlled lithium-ion and lithium-polymer cells, with chemistries that have been very carefully selected to keep their cool.”

“Automakers and suppliers design these systems to be extremely durable and compliant with federal safety standards,” reassured CarAndDriver, “Temperature management […] is one of the keys to automotive battery packs’ stability and longevity. Temperature is monitored even at the cell level in some packs, and cooling and conditioning systems help keep them stable and in their sweet spot, which is in the range of 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. That’s not only because it helps maximize capacity but because it helps prevent overcharging or complete discharge—both ways that cells can be damaged.”

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Original Source http://ift.tt/2a5FMzq


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