A Cooler Microchip Design with a Black Semiconductor

(June 12, 2016) Researchers and scientists at the University of California-Berkeley have found that layered, crystalline black phosphorus could “lead to a new microchip design that lets heat flow away and keeps electrons moving,” said Phys.org.

They have measured the anisotropic thermal properties in black phosphorus nanoribbons, and Phys.org reported, “In their research, the scientists micro-fabricated nanoribbons of black phosphorus into suspended devices to measure tiny thermal gradients and thermal conductivity. They found that the thermal conductivity was two times higher in the zig-zag crystal direction than the “arm chair” direction.”

“They also observed that the thermal properties depend on the size of the nanoribbons. It has been proposed that the anisotropic thermal properties are attributed to differences in phonon dispersion and phonon-phonon scattering rates,” said Phys, “Scientists could use such orientation-dependent behavior to control heat generation and dissipation in transistors and thermoelectric devices. Even more exciting, microchips could be designed with cooling optimized using phosphorous crystals in one crystallographic orientation, while operation of the device is controlled by taking advantage of the electrical conductance of phosphorous crystals oriented in a different direction.

According to Phys.org, “Designers can now take advantage of the orientation-dependent thermal properties of phosphorus to keep microelectronic devices cool and improve their efficiency. The orientation-dependent behavior could boost energy efficiency in transistors and thermoelectric devices as well as lead to microchips that utilize different orientations of phosphorus for both cooling and microelectronics operation.”

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Original Source http://ift.tt/1U9AFT0


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