Laptops May Start Producing Far Less Heat

(May 10, 2016) Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s postdoc Cui-Zu Chang and his colleagues have been “working to create devices with components which have little [to no] resistance to the flow of electricity” in laptops, according to

Topological insulators, or, “exceptionally thin materials with special properties, which let electrons flow freely across the surface, but not through the bulk of the material”, are the solution, reported

“Scientist Chang has been working in this field for some time, and achieved a major breakthrough last year when switching to use vanadium to produce atomically thin layers of magnetic topological insulators,” said TechRadar, “[And] now, with further refinement, the researchers have managed to achieve zero resistance to a current flowing lengthwise along the edge of their circuit.”

“These devices would produce far less heat, which could lead to all manner of breakthroughs in terms of less cooling, thinner notebooks, more powerful portables and generally more efficient computing,” reported.

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