New Availability of Data Matrix Codes (DMCs)

Rogers has announced that they can add data matrix codes (DMCs) to a wide range of metalized substrates, including direct-bonded-copper and active-metal-brazed substrates.

The codes can be “text or numeric in form and encoded by code-reading camera systems” and “are written on metalized surfaces by means of a thin oxide layer formed by an optical laser system,” said the company.

“Standard data matrix code sizes are 2.3 × 2.3 mm and 3.0 × 3.0 mm, with other sizes available upon request. The single dot resolution is 0.164 × 0.164 mm. Positioning tolerance on a copper pad is ±0.3 mm,” Rogers explained, and provided the example of using a data matrix code with 14 × 14 dots allows as many as 16 digits in a numeric code and 10 digits in an alphanumeric code.

Data matrix codes can be written on bare copper surfaces, nickel (Ni), nickel/gold (Ni/Au), and silver (Ag) plated surfaces.

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