Company Doubles Compute Capacity within Existing Racks with Liquid Cooling Upgrade

Cascade Technologies is deploying direct contact liquid cooling from CoolIT Systems to increase their compute density by 2.5 times within their existing floor space, rack space and air conditioning capacity.

“The upgraded Cascade cluster now combines over one hundred Dell C6100 dual processor servers across two racks with CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC heat exchanger solutions to manage the server heat,” said CoolIT,

This doubles the density of Cascade’s existing racks without needing more space or AC which reduces noise levels and operating costs, according to the company.

Cascade chose two Rack DCLC™ CHx40 Modules, which can manage 40kW of cooling capacity per rack, with centralized pumping to provide liquid cooling to the dual processors, reported CoolIT.

The installation was completed in October 2015.


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