New Particle Creates Less Heat, Saves Energy

Researchers have discovered a new particle that doesn’t consume a lot of energy, and thus doesn’t require an elaborate cooling system.

It is called the Weyl fermion, a particle that only exists inside materials and “moves through materials practically without resistance,” according to

In contrast to today’s computer chips relying on “electrons which are always colliding with each other”, “Weyl fermions move virtually undisturbed through the material and thus encounter practically no resistance,” reported Nanowerk.

“You can compare it to driving on a highway where all of the cars are moving freely in the same direction,” explains Ming Shi, a senior scientist at the PSI, “The electron flow in present-day chips is more comparable to driving in congested city traffic, with cars coming from all directions and getting in each other’s way.”

Future electronic devices with fermiones would be “considerably smaller and more energy-efficient than their present-day counterparts” creating much less heat, according to Nanowerk.

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