Diamonds May Take Silicon’s Place in Future Smartphones

A startup called Akhan Semi suggests lab-grown diamonds can cool electronics more efficiently than silicon.

Silicon costs a lot to keep cool, but lab-grown diamonds could eliminate cooling fans and heat sinks since they already eliminate 90% of the energy lost by silicon, according to Adam Khan, founder and CEO of Akhan Semi, the diamond-making startup.

“Because a semiconductor designed with diamond instead of silicon can run five times hotter and deliver a million times more electrical current, diamond chips could make devices smaller and lighter, while also saving energy,” reported

Khan says it’s becoming cheaper to use diamond, anyway, and “it may eventually be possible to use wasted methane gathered from farms or other sources of pollution” to make diamonds in the future.

“Making the diamond chips also uses 20% less water than making a comparable silicon chip,” according to FastCoExist.

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