Scientists Grow Efficient Light-Emitting Organic Semiconductor Crystals

Recently, scientists from the faculty of physics of the Moscow State University have grown organic semiconductor crystals with extremely high light-emitting efficiency that can reduce the cost of creating light, flexible, and transparent light-emitting electronic devices, according to

They challenged the growing of organic semiconductor crystals from a vapor phase process “for several reasons, particularly because of much simpler and cheaper technologies for solution-grown crystals,” said

In the physicist’s study, led by Professor Dmitry Paraschuk, “so called thiophene-phenylene oligomers were chosen [and] synthesized for them by chemists from Moscow State University and the Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials of RAS,” reported, “At the faculty of physics, crystals were grown from solution of these molecules [and] their luminescent and electrical properties were measured there, as well.”

According to, the solution-grown crystals were more luminescent than those obtained from vapor, and their quantum yield reached 60 percent, versus the 38 percent vapor-grown crystals usually achieved.

Professor Paraschuk and the group speculate the possibility of “creating lasers controlled by electric current obtained on the same basis,” reported

“People dream of building lasers that can ignite by simple connection of the film to the power source, but they haven’t succeeded yet,” said Paraschuk, “We hope that with the help of organic crystals, we can reach this goal. The combination of good conductivity and high efficiency allows us to hope that the first electrically pumped laser will be created on the basis of such crystals.”

The results of this work have been published in the latest issue of the Applied Materials and Interfaces journal.

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