Computing Hardware Overclocks to 7GHz Using Liquid Nitrogen

A man from Hong Kong broke the speed record for his Intel Skylake by overclocking to 7.025 GHz clock speed with liquid nitrogen cooling, as reported by

To achieve this 75 percent boost, “the overclocker had to bootstrap a nitrogen cooling solution for their CPU, using its extremely low temperature (-321 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact) to draw heat away from a CPU pushing past 7.025 GHz on a single core,” according to

To prevent frostbite and short circuiting, the man placed a towel around the CPU and electronics to soak up any water droplets,” said

However, adds that it’s “only a record among Skylake CPUs. An AMD CPU was overclocked to nearly 8.8 GHz several years ago, and someone even managed to get a $50 Intel CPU to reach a mind-bending 8.5 GHz clock speed in 2013,” and none are designed for long term usage.

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