Electronics Cooling with Autodesk CFD

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Electronics Cooling with Autodesk CFD
See the invisible. Maximize product performance.

Webinar: MARCH 9, 2016  at  10 a.m. EST

Who should attend:  Analysts, Engineers, those involved in industries including electronics cooling, industrial flow control, and AEC and MEP

jimbyrneSpeaker:  Jim Byrne joined Autodesk in 2013 as a Manufacturing Technical Marketing Specialist. He is responsible for producing marketing content for Simulation products for FEA and CFD as well as content creation for Factory Design Suite.
Prior to joining Autodesk, Jim worked for a local reseller for 14 years selling and supporting CAD, Simulation, and data management solutions for several companies in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  Jim also has three years of experience in the industry as a machine designer.

Electronics used within products are constantly changing and improving, but the need to ensure proper cooling of these components remains. To maximize product performance engineers need to overcome common electronics cooling challenges like:

  • Reduction in product size
  • Increase in overall product performance
  • Reducing overall cost
  • Extending product lifespan
  • Optimizing circuit board design

So what would you design differently if you had the ability to see the invisible elements, like airflow and heat transfer?

Learn how CFD simulation can help you make informed design decisions quicker and explore more optimal designs.


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