Electronics Cooling Tech Adapted for Organ Transport by Drones

Four women, with support from the IFFE Business School in Spain, have created an unmanned aerial vehicle, Dronlife, with its own cooling system to transport organs in India.

“Dronlife uses Peltier cells, devices used in some portable coolers and to cool electronics,” reported Newsweek, stating temperature control as a main requirement of the drone “since organs must be kept at 39 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.”

An electric current powered by the drone battery passes through the cell, heating one side and cooling the other to achieve a temperature of 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Newsweek.

The drone is designed to carry organs and lab materials from hospital to hospital without stopping traffic in inner-city India, all while keeping its cargo cool.

Newsweek adds that David Carro Meana, president of IFFE, and his colleagues “launched a for-profit company to market Dronlife,” and Ricardo Blanco, a project director with IFFE, “set about perfecting the technology” to bring Dronlife to reality.

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Original Source http://ift.tt/1Pu62DG


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