New “Kinetic Cooling Engine” CPU Cooler Design

Startup MIT company, CoolChip, demonstrated a new commercial prototype CPU cooler recently at CES.

“They’ve partnered with Cooler Master to release a “kinectic cooling engine” that can cool a chip 50 percent more efficiently than a conventional cooler, in a form factor that’s half the size and emits much less noise,” according to Spectrum IEEE.

It is true that “Sandia Labs was working on an idea for an entirely new type of CPU cooler called an “air bearing heat exchanger,” that is very similar to CoolChip’s new “kinetic cooling engine”, but “…CoolChip has invested heavily in technology development beyond the original Sandia Labs concept with high-volume manufacturability, high-volume production pricing, and reliability considerations taken into account,” reported Spectrum IEEE.

In addition, Sandia doesn’t make commercial products, so CoolChip is taking all the benefits from the design, “more robust cooling, higher efficiency, lower noise, and dust resistance,” and putting them on the market, according to Spectrum IEEE.

CoolChip’s Kinetic Cooling Engine “should arrive later this year through Cooler Master [and] should be competitive in cost with other CPU cooling systems,” according to Spectrum IEEE.

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