The World’s First Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop

The Asus ROG GX700 has been introduced as the world’s first liquid-cooled gaming laptop.

Asus ROG Global Marketing Director Derek Yu created the inch-thick laptop with a Nvidia GTX 980M graphics card, and with the cooling system as a “massive, alien-like pod filled with the extra hardware” that plugs into each other, according to

The liquid cooling system is split in half to solve the problem of needing room for pumps and radiators, and the GX700 only has a few extra components including “water-channels and water for the coolant to pass through,” while the aforementioned components are found inside the liquid cooling dock, reports.

Yu explains, “The water cooling section interacts with the existing heat pipes thermal system inside the laptop, so those two work in tandem together. […] But now the water cooling part will take away, [and] offload the heat away from the system toward the radiators [on the dock].”

The laptop has also been equipped with a water-tight seal to prevent spills or leaks.

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