Viable Energy Storing Solution Combines Metal Nitrides and Graphene

A*STAR researchers have developed a viable energy storing solution for supercapacitors by combining metal nitride electrodes with thin sheets of graphene.

According to, Hui Huang from A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology and his colleagues from Nanyang Technological University and Jinan University, China, call it an “asymmetric” supercapacitor, which uses the process of atomic layer deposition “to grow two different materials on vertically aligned graphene nanosheets: titanium nitride for their supercapacitor’s cathode and iron nitride for the anode.” The electrodes are heated and allowed to cool before being separated by a solid-state electrolyte to prevent the metal nitrides from oxidizing.

These supercapacitor devices were tested and proved they could cycle “20,000 times and exhibited both high capacitance and high power density,” reported.

Huang still wants to increase energy density by enlarging the working-voltage of the device in future research.

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