New Soft TIM with Low Thermal Resistance

Fujipoly recently introduced the Sarcon® GR80A, which is a soft thermal interface material that also has a low thermal resistance.

According to the company, the thermal interface material is available in sheets from 0.3mm to 3.0mm thick and can be die-cut to fit almost any application shape.

“When placed between a heat source such as a semiconductor and a nearby heat sink, this TIM provides a thermal conductivity of 13.0 W/m°K per ASTM D5470 (8.0 W/m°K per ISO/CD 22007-2 Hot disk)  and a thermal resistance as low as 0.50°C cm2/W,” Fujipoly added.

“The silicone-based material completely fills air gaps between uneven components, board protrusions and recessed areas while exhibiting very low pressure,” the company stated.

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