Microfluidic Channels Deliver Power and Cooling in Computational Hardware

IBM’s fluid research labs are currently testing “5D electronic blood” to deliver power and cooling in computational hardware.

“Using IBM’s developed microfluidic channels on a sample chip, it is able to funnel in a cooling fluid solution mixed with what Ars Technica calls, ‘redox couples,’ that are capable of producing electricity when oxidized and then reduced again to lose that charge,” Digital Trends reported.

This new technique could allow CPUs and GPUs to be built on top of one another and with their own power and cooling system.

“It will need to be scaled up and perfected before it becomes commercially viable, but if achieved, IBM could usher in a whole new age of efficient silicon, which could help stave off the need for a switch to different building materials for future computers,” Digital Trends added.

Original Source http://ift.tt/1MiLL13


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