A Simple Water Tip That May Protect Your Health

HVAC Central PAIn our last blog we shared some tips and tricks about how to conserve water by living a more eco-friendly lifestyle in your homes, but that’s not all we’d like to share about the water supply in your home.  We have many other solutions for how to control and make the most of the water your family is drinking.

We’ve all seen the commercials and advertisements about water filters, bottled water, and how to get the best possible drinking water for your home.  For those with city water supplies, these options are of the utmost importance, as we want to make sure all of the bacteria is filtered out and we’re getting the best quality.   Homeowners with a well on their property often think they are impervious to the dangers of bacteria in their water supply, but this is untrue.

For homeowners consuming well water, a UV light is imperative to filter out potentially harmful bacteria.  If your well water isn’t being treated with a UV sterilization system, we can help.  A sterilization UV light has very specific parameters based on the size of your well and other important factors, so it requires a professional to install it.  Harmful bacteria may be growing in your well, and tainting your water supply.

If you do have this type of system already in place, the lightbulb in the system must be replaced on a yearly basis in order to keep your water supply at optimum conditions.  Avoid the hassle of a potential bacterial infection by keeping current with the replacement of the lightbulb in your UV sterilization system.

For either one of these services, contact us today.  We can help to keep your family healthy and your water supply up to par.

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