New Medical-grade Silver-Silver Chloride Ink and Coating for Sensors

Creative Materials, Inc. has recently presented 113-09(S), a new medical-grade silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) ink and coating for sensors, ECG, EEG, TENS and defibrillator electrodes.

According to Creative Materials, 113-09(S) is chemical-resistant and designed with aging characteristics when used with high salt content hydrogels. In addition, 113-09(S) has adhesion to polyimide and polyester films as well as other high-energy substrates.

The new product is a one-component ink and can be applied by screen printing, dipping or syringe dispensing.

“It can be customized for application by most commercial coating and printing processes. 113-09(S) is also fast curing at temperatures at or above 110°C,” the company added.

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