One-component Epoxy Cures at 200-220°F

Master Bond introduces a new one-component epoxy, the Master Bond EP17HT-100, which is resistant to high temperatures and cures in 60-90 minutes at 200-220 degrees Fahrenheit.

The EP17HT-100 is ideal for bonding, encapsulation, potting and sealing applications. “Cures can be accelerated at higher temperatures. This low heat curing schedule is useful in bonding applications involving temperature sensitive substrates in the aerospace, electronic, optical and other high-tech industries,” according to the company.

The epoxy is available for use in syringes, half pints, pints, quarts and gallon containers. It also bonds well to ceramics, composites, glass, metals and many plastics.

“This moderate viscosity compound has good flow properties and can be cast in sections up to ½ inch thick. EP17HT-100 is not premixed and frozen and has an unlimited working life at room temperature,” according to the company.

The EP17HT-100 offers an advanced chemical resistance to acids, bases, fuels, oils, water and many solvents. It also offers  a volume resistivity of >1015 ohm-cm, a service temperature range of -100 to +500 degrees Fahrenheit, a thermal conductivity of 4-5 BTU·in/(hr·ft²·°F), and a tensile lap shear strength exceeding 2,700 psi at ambient temperatures after being post cured at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours.

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