New Headlamp LED

During the ISAL 2015 automotive lighting symposium, Osram Opto Semiconductors introduced a 2,000 lm prototype headlamp LED called the Oslon Black Flat S. Compared with its predecessor, the headlamp LED has enhanced chips and thermal management.

“Larger contact pads are partly responsible for better cooling – at 3.75×7.9mm it is slightly larger than its predecessor. When dissipating 12W (at 1A drive, 25°C ambient) the chip is at 69°C – the earlier LED ran at 83°C. Operated at 2A (31W in, Vf=15.5V) optical output is 6.5W,” said.

“A single LED is sufficient as the light source for combined low-beam and high-beam systems, and the excellent thermal connection allows for passive cooling,” the company added.

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