Solution to Heat Transfer in Phase Change Materials Unveiled

Dr. Patrick Shamberger, assistant professor at Texas A&M University, has found an “analytical solution to heat transfer in PCMs (Phase Change Materials) used in thermal energy storage and has identified the relative role of thermo-physical properties of different materials,” according to

Shamberger is one of the lead researchers studying high-energy storage density PCMs, high thermal conductivity and thermal energy storages composites.

“It’s challenging to make a direct comparison between the relative cooling power of two different materials. It’s difficult to isolate the effects of materials properties and the effects of component geometry and boundary conditions. Here we defined a relatively simple problem and used it to investigate the relative role of different material parameters on the rate of heat absorption,” Shamberger said.

It is difficult to produce thermal energy storage materials with high-energy storage density, since head needs to be absorbed quickly. Therefore, “The results of Shamberger’s research will be helpful in designing the next generation of high-cooling power thermal storage materials, especially for electronics thermal management applications,” reported.

Shamberger’s article has been published in the Journal of Heat Transfer and is titled, “Cooling Capacity of Figure of Merit for Phase Change Materials.”

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