Company CEO Asks “Is Free Cooling Really Free?” At Conference

CEO of LiquidCooling Solutions, Inc., Herb Zien, is serving on a panel until Thursday, Sept. 24, at the North America’s Emerging Green Conference in Portland, Oregon. On Wednesday Sept. 23, from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Zien will give a presentation that challenges the legitimacy of Free Cooling. Zien will explain inefficiencies and environmental waste associated with free cooling via evaporating water.

“Cooling data centers by evaporating water is the technology du jour used by Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others. Using a Facebook data center in Iowa as an example, Zien will explain why this approach is not sustainable and the practical benefits of liquid cooling,” according to Top Tech News.

Zien will also talk about data center design factors that designers should consider such as noise, maintenance, server reliability, floor space, energy consumption, water requirements, building height, real estate and more.

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