Two Phase Cooling System for Data Centers

Ebullient introduces a two phase cooling system for data centers – the Ebullient Cooling System (ECS). It can cool up to 12 heat sources in series in a continuous loop while maintaining a device temperature of +/-2 degrees Celsius. It also offers flexible tubing which allows the system to adapt to hardware without modification.

The cooling system “is composed of Ebullient’s ES line of 2N redundant fluid distribution units, rack level manifolds, and server loops to match heat loads from 7-200,000 servers. The heart of the enabling technology is within the Ebullient Jet Module – a flow geometry that achieves and propagates localized vaporization of 3M’s dielectric Novec 7000 fluid flowing at moderate temperature and pressure. The fluid will not harm electronic devices, even if it is poured over them,” according to the company.

“It has been very exciting to see our product take shape as the team has transformed research into a product that truly fulfills the promise of scalable, reliable and affordable two-phase cooling. We now have the cooling solution for everything from a few servers in the back room of a small business to megascale datacenters to the incredibly intense heat of next generation military radar and weapons systems,” Tim Shedd, CEO of Ebullient, said.

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