‘Wonder Material’ Graphene: Possible Solution for Energy Storage

Graphene has been suggested as a possible solution in new energy storage techniques, leading researchers to suggest either adjusting Li-ion batteries, or using graphene as an energy storage medium itself.

According to the an article on Phys.org, because pure graphene has the lowest resistivity of any known material at room temperature, it has been used to develop electronic devices with extremely low power requirements. Consequently, pure graphene makes devices produced from it tremendously energy-efficient. In addition, the article claims that, “studies indicate that using graphene to replace or enhance components of Li-ion batteries can significantly improve the energy density and longevity of the battery.”

However, the issue with using graphene-based solutions is that they been exceptionally difficult to manufacture on a large scale. Phys.org adds that, “whether graphene ultimately plays a part in the revolution or not, it’s clear that the research into these technologies will eventually lead to the introduction of cheaper and more durable products with a higher capacity.”

Original Source http://ift.tt/1PvZSkf


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