Three New Lines of TIMs Offer High Thermal Conductivity

Aavid Thermalloy introduces three new lines of high-performance thermal interface materials – thermally conductive gap fillers. The three lines include the SuperThermal™, SoftFlex™, and WaveBlocker™. These product lines offer very high thermal conductivity without compromising workability or compliancy.

“The new lines of thermal gap fillers are designed to increase the performance and capabilities of electronics’ design. Each is specially formulated to support specific application requirements that, when combined with their high thermal conductivities, will significantly improve functionality,” according to the company.

The SuperThermal™ line offers high thermal conductivity up to 13.2 watts per meter Kelvin.

“The average thermal conductivity for SuperThermal™ gap fillers is such that utilizing these pads allows engineers to use smaller thermal solutions or considerably increase performance without increasing the volume or weight of the solution or device,” Aavid Thermalloy added.

The SoftFlex™ line is manufactured with five different materials that vary in conductivity, compliancy, cushioning ability and elasticity. Because of its softness and compressibility, the SoftFlex line is the best option for use in applications with increased shock or vibration and to decrease board strain. It was designed for applications with multiple device heights and to offer more design flexibility.

The WaveBlocker™ line offers gap fillers with high electromagnetic permeability, which dampens electromagnetic interference (EMI). These gap fillers offer high signal accuracy and are best suited for use in audio equipment, radios and testing equipment. This line is ideal for use in Aerospace and Military applications.

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