Partnership Forms to Offer New Liquid-cooling Solutions

Mellanox Technologies and Icetope are partnering to offer liquid-cooled InfiniBand and Ethernet network interconnects for high-performance computing.

The companies are combining Icetope’s liquid-cooling technology and Mellanox’s knowledge of high performance networks to produce a “36-port FDR (fourteen data rate) 56Gb/s InfiniBand and 40/56Gb Ethernet switches that can be housed in Iceotope’s PetaGen cabinet.”

“Iceotope offers a liquid-cooling system that includes compute and networking blades that are each sealed and self-contained systems that are immersed in what officials call the primary coolant—a “sophisticated, non-conducive, engineered fluid.” The liquid rapidly moves the heat away from the blades to a second coolant in the cabinet,” according to eWeek.

The coolant in the cabinet offers double the heat capacity of mineral oil as well as half the viscosity. The coolant is circulated through energy-efficient pumps and captures heat coming out of the system. This heat can be reused for other purposes, like to heat buildings.

“These liquid-cooled switches represent a huge step towards entirely fan-less HPC [high-performance computing]. The HPC industry is embracing liquid cooling at a remarkable rate. It’s just a case of technologies being available to match demand. Until now, it was widely accepted that the interconnect switch would never be liquid cooled. It’s great to be able to say that, thanks to our work with Mellanox, that’s no longer the case,” Peter Hopton, Iceotope founder, said.

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