First Hybrid Temperature Chamber Introduced to Industry

TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. introduces a hybrid benchtop chamber for thermal testing that combines both convection and thermal conduction in one unit. It is the first hybrid temperature chamber on the market.

The HBC-SD49 Hybrid Benchtop Chamber improves thermal testing and offers a fast and efficient design. The chamber’s floor successfully functions as a hot/cold plate.

“The Hybrid Benchtop Chamber demonstrates a significant improvement in thermal test performance. The fully featured Synergy Nano Temperature Controller is capable of controlling platform temperature and air temperature independently or together. The controller is capable of advanced temperature control algorithms can allow even better performance by monitoring DUT temperature and allowing air and platform temperatures to be carefully controlled while verifying that required DUT temperatures are achieved,” the company added.

Other features of the chamber include advanced thermal uniformity, ability to improve thermal gradients, a temperature range of -100 to +150 degrees Celsius, high accuracy and performance rates, fast speed, and more.

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