Widespread Air Conditioner Problems – What You May Fix And When To Contact A Pro

Air conditioning is definitely a contemporary marvel. It gives our families with comfort when the temperatures rise throughout the summer season. For many of us, we don’t even think concerning the complicated program at perform that allows an air conditioner to execute it really is magic. Even so, there comes a time in each homeowner’s life when the magic stops taking place, and its commonly during the hottest, most inconvenient instances. The very good news is that not every air conditioner challenge demands the expense of calling an expert HVAC Technician. Using a small guidance and motivation, most property owners can resolve some typical air conditioner malfunctions and have their unit up and operating again. Not just will you save some revenue, you will be a hero to your family. However, you will discover repairs that demand the education and expertise of skilled experienced. In no way should really you sacrifice your individual security, or the security of one’s family members, since you will be stubborn and inexpensive. In this short article we’ll discuss some widespread repairs and solutions that you could perform in your air conditioning technique, also as the ones which can be most effective left for the specialists.

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On

It’s hot outside, you flip on the around the air conditioner, and practically nothing takes place. No cold air is coming from the vents along with the condenser will not be powering on.


Lots of times individuals never look in the temperature around the thermostat and commence to panic when the home doesn’t commence to cool instantly. The remedy is very simple, turn the thermostat down about 5 degrees. If this really is the problem, the condenser will kick on plus the cooling cycle will start. If this doesn’t fix your difficulty, it’s time to move on to the circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker

Central air conditioning systems consume big amounts of power, and may trip the circuit breaker, stopping the system from operating. This is particularly accurate in older residences. If adjusting the thermostat hasn’t solved your dilemma, go outside to the condenser unit and find the circuit breaker box subsequent to it. Open the door, and verify the breaker. If the circuit has been tripped, reset it. Subsequent, visit the home’s circuit breaker and be sure that none of the circuits are broken. After all breakers have already been reset, return to the thermostat and turn around the cooling cycle again. If this hasn’t solved your dilemma, it might be time for you to contact a professional.

In case your air conditioner doesn’t turn on after you attempted the above options, your dilemma may be more serious. A broken compressor or motor, also can stop your AC from operating and can should be serviced by a certified HVAC technician.

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool

You have decided to turn on your air conditioner, the method kicks on, but doesn’t seem to be cooling your property.


When once more it is greatest to start in the most clear location. Adjust the thermostat by lowering the temperature at the very least five degrees. Let the program register the transform, and give it an hour prior to you verify the temperature of your dwelling. If it has gotten cooler, then that’s your problem, if it hasn’t, you could possibly try to clean the evaporator coil.

Evaporator Coil

In case your central air conditioner has an accessible evaporator coil, it is possible to clean it your self. The coil is situated above the air handler and may be accessed by removing the screws plus the foil insulation tape. Working with a stiff brush and a mirror, meticulously clean the coil, the tray, and add a tablespoon of bleach to the tray. Replace the screws and seal any leaks with duct tape. If this does not resolve the problem, you guessed it, time for you to get in touch with an expert.

When an air conditioner is not producing enough cold are, or none at all, it could possibly be a sign of a much more significant dilemma. One particular such challenge may very well be that your method features a leak and is low on refrigerant. If that is the case, contact a heating and cooling technician.

Perhaps the easiest way to repair an air conditioner is to protect against breakdowns before they happen. By performing annual air conditioner cleanings and upkeep, you’ll be able to boost the efficiency of one’s unit, as well as guarantee appropriate operation for years to come. You can either perform the upkeep your self or have a professional execute it for you. Quite a few heating and cooling organizations give specials on annual ac maintenance and can carry out tests which include refrigerant measurements and amp draws that the homeowner is not going to have the ability to do themselves. Prices for services range from between seventy dollars and one-hundred fifty dollars. Air conditioner problems for Little Rock residents can be best solved by local companies. Get more info from air conditioning problems little rock.

In case you are preparing to carry out any repairs, cleanings, or upkeep on an air conditioner, be sure to seek advice from the owner’s manual, and constantly be sure that the power has been shut off towards the unit. If you feel that you are in more than your head, contact a pro. There’s no shame in admitting that you are unable to repair your very own air conditioner. Especially when the alternative may be causing harm to your system, or injury to yourself.


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